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Life has a way of showing us things we dont want to see. Things that are painful, beautiful, sad, angry, or bursting with so much joy that you cant help but cry. Life has shown me things that I didn't want to see, and things I needed to see. 

The older I get the more I am ashamed of the anger I wielded as a weapon when I was younger. I have been blessed with beauty in my life, and an abundance of laughter, and adventure. I am grateful for the lessons I have endured, for my incredible family that has walked thru the dark times with me, and for the dearest friends I have known along the way. To my family, I love you all, and I wish only kindness and joy for you. I am sorry for my failings, and I am grateful for all the times you spent with me. May you walk with me now in the light and feel my love.

My life which has been charging for a while is now filled with light and love and is ready to be shared with the world. To comfort, educate, inspire and support those who are in need of someone. Those who are wounded, lost and scared. Life has given me help when I needed it most to be able to carry on, and so now it is for me to give back to those most in need. May I be guided by my family, my friends and my desire to do good, and be honorable.

All life gives us is time, we must choose what to spend it on.
-Joshua Mathews
Special Remembrance of those gone, but never forgotten
Brothers Always